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Amateur Football Network

The Amateur Football Network provides an instrument for amateur football players to locate one another and to arrange games. It serves as a Social Network Platform here members can exchange opinions, post messages, pictures and videos and chat with each other. An important feature is the rating tool for players and pitches, which clearly distinguish AFT from general social utilities like Facebook. The program allows members to create an event (football match) at a certain time at one of the pitches listed in the database. The even creator is notified and can now accept or refuse the application. Once the desired amount of accepted players is reached the event is closed and the pitch is locked for the time of the event. After the game has taken place, the program will send to each participant a request to rate the other players. until this has been completed, no other events can be selected. The program works with a weighted rating system (top 10 % ranked rater's vote counts 10x ). The player ranking is used by the program to provide suggestions of how to create balanced teams. The program supports creating groups regionally, by age and/or by sex of participants.Localiced Online Advertising in form of Display-Ads, Banner advertising and Frame Ads are supported. The platform is also used to promote our Prepaid Mobile Dialer Solution.