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Prepaid calling cards are emerging as one of the most popular telecommunication business sectors today. Other than the postpaid business model, it offers greatly reduced risk and minimal start-up costs.

It is always better to focus on providing service, not managing customer debt. Our system can help you take advantage of this new trend by streamlining and automating the day to day tasks of operating a prepaid calling card business. If you are looking to start a phone car business, we can help you to get off the ground. A full phone card system is comprised of 5 major components.

Management Software

The Billing and Management Software is where we come in. Our system can manage your cards, calls, customers, agents and everything in between.


The VoIP gateway is the device that actually handles the call itself. VoIP gateways could be in the form of a hardware-based device or software-based system. There is a wide variety of options available including open-source systems like Asterisk. If you already have a gateway then we can discuss the integration requirements with you. If you have not yet decided on the gateway you want to use then we can help.

Hardware or Hosting

At a minimum you would require 1 server to host the billing and card management software. If the VoIP gateway is software-based then you will require additional server(s) depending on the expected traffic volume.


The Origination refers to the portion of the call involving the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). When the customer dials your local/toll-free access number; that uses origination. This part of the business you have to solve with your local telecommunication authority and your national provider.


When the call is finally terminated to the destination number; that requires termination. If you already have a provider, great. If you do not, then we can be your provider.