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Golf Traveller Platform

The Golf Traveller Platform (in development) combines and utilizes all existing software we have in our portfolio. The Voice Trading Engine (VTE) is used to set up two quality desks for our mobile retail customer. The Prepaid Mobile Platform (PMP) is used to manage prepaid accounts and customers. The Mobile Dialers which will be marketed under the name Dringg. are integral part of the GTF Applications as the Geo Positioning service of the mobile phones is used to determine the location of the members.
The golf mobile app provides beside advanced telecommunication features two main services:

1) It helps golfers to find new golf partners especially being on a short trip or on vacation. The user can set a certain radius - if another user who matches his individual search criteria is or gets online - he is notified and can then send an invite to these persons via Instant Messaging (IM). Once the person accepted his invitations he will see the presence of the other user and can contact them via phone, SMS or Chat.

2) The app will further notify the user if there are golf clubs in the area of his presence who have a free Tee-Time available and he is able to book the Tee-Time via this mobile application.

To market this solution we need project managers in all important gold countries as it is prerequisite for this functionality that golf clubs are willing and able to let us handle their last-minute sales of Tee-Times. This means that they report electronically the current status of free Tee-Times to our system. A demand for such a service definitely exists as most of the golf courts have problems to fill their Tee-Times. With this service they reach also players which are not members of the club.

3) It is also planned to implement an online Score Card. As long there is a 3g-coverage the mobile app can detect which tee ground he has approach and display then the distance, direction and Par. A pop-up will let him enter the number of strokes he used for this hole.

4) Rating of the golf court. Once the mobile app detects that the golfer left the Golf court (geo location moves 3 miles out) the app will display a pop-up allowing the golfer to rate the golf course.