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Mass Communication Platform (MCP)

The Mass Communication Platform is designed to gather information from a specified group of people (any size) within a few minutes. The operator records a message to the system requesting the target group to respond by pressing certain numbers on the phone dial pad. There are many commercial applications thinkable, e.g.:
  •   A hotel, airline, event manager etc. can ask if their guests/participants were satisfied with the service they experienced by simply pressing 1-9, reflecting their satisfaction degree.
  •   A sports club or tournament organizer can invite their club members to an upcoming event.
  •   An Association can advertise / invite for an event and will know within hours if the planned event place will be suitable for the responding delegate amount.
The possibilities of using this application are literally endless. The gathering of data is personal and immediate . within minutes you have the result. Your customers receive a call and provide their decision in the same moment.