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Prepaid Mobile Platform (PMP)

The Prepaid Mobile Platform in combination with our dialers is perfect for a cost efficient market entry. Without investing in expensive infrastructure our clients can start up a Telecommunication Retail Business using advanced VoIP Technology - taking advantage of the more and wider available Internet Packages on mobile phones. Your clients download the dialers via public online market places and the dialers are already pre-configured; either to your own voice-switch or if you do not want to operate your routing tables you can buy also this service from us. The dialers can be white labeled to your demands. Once the dialer is installed on your customer’s smart phone he will be prompted to visit your webpage where he can sign-up, create an account and after successful charging of the account the customer can immediately start calling to any international destinations to lower costs as his mobile phone would provide. Charging of the account will be done via Paypal service, but on demand we can also integrate a module what allows the customer to charge/recharge the account using prepaid cards. Of course the customer can see online his call history, his account status and payment history. The user will be informed regarding the available credit on their account and the call costs of the intended call. This information will be displayed on the GUI of the dialer will be given via a voice announcement. The latter can be switched off in the customer user settings. We are also developing and dual dial button dialer which will allow the dialer user to decide of the quality they want to use for each single call. One button will initiating a Premium call where his CLI is transmitted and using the other button an economy call will be selected using cheaper telecom routings.

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